Post Harvest


Development of depuration and relaying techniques for Philippine green mussel

This project deals on the development of depuration and relaying techniques for mussel to ensure high quality and safety of the product.

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Primary Processing Techniques for Philippine green mussels

This project will deal on the development of primary processing techniques to improve the quality of depurated/relayed mussels and it will take into consideration packaging of mussels for bulk transport, and storage prior to its further processing.

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Evaluation of Depuration and Relaying Technologies for Philippine Green Mussels (Perna viridis) at Higher Loading Capacity

This project deals on pilot testing the mussel depuration and relaying techniques in three mussel growing areas with varying bacterial load.

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Low-Salt Fermented Mussel Sauce as a Potential Functional Food and Ingredient

The final product will be packed using institutional packaging materials and will assess its function in protecting the nutritional components and properties of the product as well as its shelf stability at ambient conditions.

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Improving Meat Quality and Acceptability of Mussels and Other Shellfishes at Prolonged Depuration Period

Depurated shellfishes has recently resulted to a high consumer demand in the market. This post-harvest intervention has resulted to a cleaner and safer shellfishes for human consumption.

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